Provide test equipment that can determine the amount of leakage in a duct system. Capability to leak test at high static pressures with large quantities of CFM. Inspect duct systems for proper duct sealing, construction classifications and installations.

Services provided include; but are to not limited to; air and hydronic balancing, fume hood balancing, and duct leakage and pressure testing.
In addition to the above services, Optimum Performance Balancing LLC. also provides commissioning services for HVAC Systems, Plumbing Systems, Fire Protection Systems, and Automatic Temperature Control Systems. Thermal imaging  for survey and preventive maintenance and flow measurement with ultrasonic meter if flow devices are not available.

Air distribution testing and adjustment, total system adjustment to provide design quantities, electrical measurement, quantitative performance testing for all equipment, automatic control verification, design conformity inspection for all installations, air quantity measurement results, recording, and reporting.

Water flow rate adjustment and balancing, pump circulation, electrical measurement, energy transfer rates calculation (fluids through heat exchangers), hydronic component testing to establish pressure drop relationships, and heating and cooling system testing.

Documented process that includes inspections, testing and training conducted to confirm that a building and all of its component systems are capable of being operated and maintained in conformance with the design intent. System types include HVAC, Automatic Temperature Controls, Plumbing, and Fire Protection.

Sound & Vibration readings can be recorded to determine that the equipment is operating with in the design specification.
Fan wheel balance services are also available. The fan wheel can be verified for proper balance in instances where excess fan vibration is occurring.

 TAB Reports can be associated with asbuilt CAD drawings. Drawings will show pitot traverse locations, outlet and inlet location numbers that correspond with the TAB report. Duct leakage test reports can include CAD drawings of duct systems tested and duct pieces number to correspond with the DLT report.

 Ultrasonic meter is used for measuring fluid flow that cannot be measured using traditional flow devices. Any fluid can be measured safely and accuracy with out the need for an installed flow measuring device. All fluid types and piping material can be measured.

Thermal Imaging pictures can be taken for preventative maintenance, trouble shooting,or added to survey and audits of building mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems. Bearing and electrical breaker failure can easily be identified. Duct leakage or improper heat transfer though coils and insulating issues can also be easily identified. 

Face velocity testing, electrical measurement, quantitative performance testing for all equipment, automatic control verification, and exhaust fan adjustments.

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